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"Let me resign my life for this life ..."
- T S Eliot

Peace of the heart of Mary
enfold my heart
as evening folds
the unquiet day
and darkness falls.

Love of the heart of Mary
wake in my heart
as morning breaks
the life of Christ
to everlasting day.

Sister M Julian RSM
Queen of all Hearts. July-August 1960



Christians celebrate the 14 step devotion of the Stations of the Cross in devout commemoration of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the first Good Friday.  

The 14 devotions, or stations, focus on specific events of Jesus' last day on earth, beginning with His condemnation.

The stations are used as a mini pilgrimage, with the pilgrim moving from station to station.
At each station we remember the event, meditate and pray upon the significance of what happened.
After prayer, we move forward on to the next station, until all are completed.

You may wish to make the following Stations of the Cross. 
Simply read the name of the station and reflect for some time on the event in Jesus' life and death named in the station.

Present at Christ’s journey to his death was the Blessed Virgin Mary.  
Watching her Son die, she suffered with him.
Let us remember her as we honor Jesus, the Son of God.

First Station: Jesus is condemned to death
Though he knew that Christ was blameless
Pilate in a deed most shameless
To the cross him did condemn

Second Station: Jesus takes up his cross
With contempt the rabble varmints
Robed the King in royal garments
To deride his royalty

Third Station: Jesus falls the first time
Weakened by the brutal flaying
Yet the wicked rule obeying
Jesus fell beneath the cross

Fourth station: Jesus meets his mother, Mary
When he met his holy Mother
Who had served him as no other
Eyes at eyes in silence gazed

Fifth Station: Simon helps Jesus carry the cross
Seeing Jesus in his meekness
Tremble from exhausted weakness
Simon helped him bear his cross

Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
The image of his holy face
Never after was erased
From Veronica’s soothing cloth

Seventh Station: Jesus falls the second time
For the second time he stumbled
Flattened by the cross he crumbled
Yet he rose despite the pain

Eighth Station: Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem
Mothers of Jerusalem
Wept until he counselled them:
Save your weeping for your own

Ninth Station: Jesus falls the third time
Once again he tripped and fell
Still amid the taunts of hell
Rose and bore the cross again

Tenth Station: Jesus is stripped of his garments
Lily of all purity
How they shamed thy dignity
When they tore thy garments off

Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross
Hideous nails through hands and feet
Still the Lamb refused to bleat
As his mother‘s heart was pierced

Twelfth Station: Jesus dies on the cross
When she stayed close by his side
For the time until he died
She sustained him by her love

Thirteenth Station: Jesus is taken down from the cross
When they took him down they laid him
In her arms a cradle made him
For her Son, the King of kings

Fourteenth Station: Jesus is laid in the sepulchre
Joseph’s sepulchre received him
He was dead – yet she believed him
Three days on he rose from death

Luky Whittle - 1998


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COMMUNION OF REPARATION (for Our Lady of Sorrow)

(for Our Lady of Sorrow)

Great as the sea is thy sorrow -
O wide expanse of lonely grey,
endless to sight
and deep beyond the sounding
of our shallow hearts,
how can we comfort thee?

Great as the sea, and silent
as a morning after storm.
O quietness
beside the shore's wild wreckage,
O grief-worn waters,
what comfort can we bring?

O great like the sea, and profound!
O great, and as the sea, so stilled!
O sorrow of Mary,
the infinite heart of God alone
can comfort thee.

Sister M Julian RSM
Catholic World. April 1955



Hers is no autumn sadness;
summer comes not again
to these darkened hills.

Earth has no season
to match with Our Lady's sorrow,
nor any glory to compare
with her Easter joy.

Seventh dolour *

Sister M Julian RSM
In: The Refuge of Beauty. 1954
*The burial of Jesus

SONG FOR HER SORROWS Feast of Our Lady's Dolours

   Feast of Our Lady's Dolours*

Tranquil temple days,
unbroken nights of prayer
these were yours, my Mother,
in the spring of your pure life;
Scripture study hours,
needlework and psaltery,
betrothal, Nazareth and peace.
                         Then came the little Seed
                          and suddenly the wings of sorrow
                          wrapped themselves around you, 
                          from Joseph's anguished cloud of doubt
                          until the tomb's white jaws
                          received your mangled Son in death;
                          these pinions covered you most jealously
                          making you witness of the Father's love
                          for renegades, this sea of men
                          bringing its blood-red tides
                          through you, our Mother
                          in the harvesting of time.

                     Sister M Josephine F SS S
                                     Cord. September 1961

*The seven dolours (or sorrows) of the Blessed Virgin were the prophecy of Simeon, the flight into Egypt, three day's loss of Jesus, meeting Jesus on the way to Calvary, Mary at the foot of the cross, Jesus is taken down from the cross and the burial of Jesus.