Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mary of Nazareth - a woman of intellect

Mary of Nazareth had mastery over her tongue. However, this mastery should not be misconstrued as a sign of inarticulacy. Luke recounts her Magnificat (1;46-50).
In this oration Mary expresses her previously suppressed ecstasy when her cousin Elizabeth, inspired by the Holy Spirit, hailed her as the mother of God.

Set free from her silence by Elizabeth's inspired insight, Mary launched into her exultant discourse, an unusually long speech for a woman in the patriarchally-orientated society of her era, manifesting both an astonishing eloquence and an intimate knowledge of Scripture;

My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.  
Because He hath regarded the humility of His handmaid: for behold from henceforth all    generations shall call me blessed. 
Because He that is mighty hath done great things to me: and holy is His Name. 
And His Mercy is from generation unto generation to them that fear Him. 
He hath showed might in His Arm: 
He hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
He hath put down the mighty from their seat and hath exalted the humble.
He hath filled the hungry with good things: and the rich He hath sent empty away.
He hath received Israel His servant, being mindful of His Mercy.
As He spoke to our fathers: to Abraham and to his seed for ever.

Though some Biblical scholars regard this proclamation which shows a marked kinship with the Canticle of Hannah (I Kings I I:1-1), as constituting Luke's own understanding of salvation rather than as Mary's composition, there is no reason to suppose that the Blessed Virgin was unfamiliar with the Canticle of Hannah or with the other sources from which the Magnificat derives its elements. 

The oration indicates that Mary was a woman of intellect, able to quote from the Scriptures and possessed of the insight to interpret the readings and correlate the prophecies of the Old Testament with the miraculous situation in which she found herself, and that moreover she was the first to ascirbe the glory which covered her to the bounty of God. 

The brilliance of this powerful oration and its ancient connotations marked a unique development in the Blessed Virgin's life. In Scripture, at least, there is no recorded repetition of ecstasy. Henceforth Mary is shown to be involved in a process of personal development that was to ripen into the maturity she would need to support her Son both during His private and His public life, and at the time of His agonising death on the cross. 

Though her trials would test her resources to their limit, the texts in Mary's praise that have come down to the present time establish beyond all doubt that her glorious prediction that from henceforth all generations would call her blessed has been amply fulfilled in English literature and more specifically in its poetry. Moreover, only Mary has inspired so vast a proliferation of praise verse, distributed so steadily over the centuries.

*Photograph of artwork on a noticeboard on a church taken by Catherine Nicolette. With thanks to the artist.

Rosary Novena for the Protection of our unborn

54 Day Rosary Novena

This novena (series of prayers) runs for 54 consecutive days, and should be prayed in union with all the other novenas being offered throughout the world. It can begin any time. 
Our Lady of Fatima, during each of her six apparitions, requested that we pray the Rosary every day. 
The Rosary greatly favours union within the family. The family that prays together, stays together.

Please consider praying the Rosary in the form of a 54 day Rosary Novena for the Protection of our unborn. If you wish to learn how to pray the Rosary, please visit the following link;

Mary has a Mother's Love for all. See the following link for inspirational music about the beautiful prayer of the Rosary.

A guided rosary;

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mary of Guadaloupe - Castlebar Rally for the Protection of the Unborn

Breaking News - Pro-Life Rally Castlebar County Mayo

Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ and
Protector of the Innocent Unborn

Massive Pro-Life Rally in Castlebar County Mayo
Today Lumiere Charity represented our dedication to the sanctity of life by taking part in the massive Pro-Life Rally in Castlebar, County Mayo in Ireland. Coaches, buses, cars streamed in from all over Ireland bringing people to the beautiful city. People with health disabilities came by wheelchair and with carers, braving the cold wet weather to take part in the Rally. Despite the icy cold and lashing showers, the crowds stretched in all directions as far as the eye could see.

Those to whom I spoke were from Kerry, Dublin, Mayo, Donegal,  Monaghan, Knock, Galway, Ulster, Leinster, Ballinasloe, Maynooth. I was told by other people at the Rally that there were representatives from every part of Ireland.

As we were about to begin the Rally, I noticed a little boy of about six and his sister who looked about four, standing in front of me. The little girl said to her brother, "What are we doing here?"
Her brother looked down at her and answered, "Protecting all life."
The little girl considered this gravely for a few moments, and then said "Oh."
She gave him her hand, and the two of them turned to start walking alongside their parents in the Rally.
Ireland still has her greatest wealth; her children.

Walking the roads of Castlebar - only a tiny portion of the crowds

God has created each one of us - the beautiful words of the great prophet Jeremiah
Rally in the streets of Castlebar
The Rally took to the streets of Castlebar, wending through the streets. There were so many people that traffic came to a standstill. Posters showing the sanctity of life were everywhere. People prayed and sang as they walked. Speakers then spoke of the proud heritage of Ireland through the centuries; the decency and respect for life that has always been the hallmark of Ireland. People gave strong voice to their approval of this wonderful legacy.

Many groups were represented at the Rally. I had the privilege of speaking with Mrs. Carmel Waters who gave me the DVD entitled 'Prolife testimony and the Rosary of the Unborn.'
Please see the link below for the testimony.

The ecumenical website for Pro-Life can be found at

In pregnancy crisis?
If you are a mother in pregnancy crisis, and not sure what to do, why not watch the following video. When making decisions, the best decisions with the most balanced consequences follow from knowing all the facts. Factual evidence shows that a baby's heart starts beating some days after conception. The baby already shows personality in the womb, such as sucking a favourite thumb. This little being inside you is a person, your son or daughter, albeit in very small form. 
At the moment the sperm fuses with the egg, new and unique DNA is created, a tiny human being. From the very first moment of conception, the DNA begins growing at a rapid rate. Where there is growth, there is life. This is your little son or daughter.
At this great moment of conception, there are not only two people involved; Almighty God is involved in the great act of creation too. Each human being is gifted at the moment of conception with a unique soul, the spirit; that part of yourself which makes you unique, and which continues living for eternity after your human body completes its normal human cycle here on earth. 
The conception is not just a random few body cells with no life in them; it is a human being with a soul gifted by the Divine in His own Image and Likeness, destined for an earthly life and an eternal destiny.

For development of your little baby in your womb, please see the following link;

The Adoption Option
If you need assistance, why not consider the Adoption Option?
The contact as given below is
Holy Love Information Centre
Knock County Mayo
Tel; 094-9376900

Pro-Life Rally supporters in Castlebar, County Mayo

Pro-Lifers carrying image of Mary of Nazareth 'Our Lady of Guadaloupe'

Gracious lady 'I'm pro-life'
Braving the icy cold and blustering showers to support the sanctity of life
We are for Life

Pro-Life Crowds filling the streets of Castlebar
Mary of the Gaels, pray for us
Wonderful monument in the heart of Castlebar